NEAHCO started with a registered name as NATIONAL HOLDING COMPONY LLC, established in the year 2017, registered in Sultanate of Oman. On February 2021, we change the registered name to NATIONAL ENARGY ADVANCE HOLDING COMPANY SPC.

NEAHCO’s general activities involves on Energy and Infrastructure, Civil Construction, Architecture and Designs, Renewable Energy, Mining Industry, Shipping Industry, Operation and Maintenance Services, and Trading Industry. NEAHCO, as a private company, is founded and operated by qualified staff with remarkable operational and managerial experience. The company aims to operate excellent work on a global scale, provide different services to regional and international clients, and as a holding company, it has various affiliations that involve keen and talented individuals in the industry, and provide job opportunities, particularly for the youth.


To become one of the leading international holding companies. The primary objective is to tendering essential services to our customers, facilitating their business flow on a mutually beneficial scope. In this line of duty, hard work, professionalism, ethics, favorable relation with clients, and trust will be among the company's values. Although NEAHCO acts in diverse and varied fields, each department has its vision to pursue excellence and become regionally and internationally leading by providing high-quality services including commercial, technical, advisory assistance, and so forth.


Providing a wide range of services within the domain of the organization's activity to entertain various clients' needs.

NEAHCO offers a solution to any inquiry to the best level of viability, incorporating optimum quality, by having the most qualified staff adhering to the highest standards of the industry.

The goal is to achieve what we desire, what experts expect us to be!


NEAHCO has several affiliations in many countries to have access to more geographical regions and have more control over supply chains; these affiliations are located as follow:

There are three offices located in the Sultanate of Oman, one of them has participated in various trades and projects. Exporting cement, clinker, gypsum, and marble are among the numerous deals that the entity has successfully performed. Also, it has been proactively taking mining projects. The other one has been active in various fields, including but not limited to international trades, oil and gas, and power plants. It has also carried out procurement and supply of spare parts and technical devices for various industries and factories. The third one with headquarters in Oman is one of the leading producers of Vaseline. The entity also provides the cosmetic industry with the raw materials required for the derived products. Another affiliation is established in Germany, this entity is primarily involved in international trading, particularly in power plants, electricity, procurements, and other relevant fields in the energy and infrastructure industry. There are also two affiliates in Jordan which one of them is a steel plant factory that not only does the manufacturing of steel and associated products but also undertakes and performs construction projects. The second entity owns a steel plant factory and power plants. Also, it has been an EPC contractor and a civil construction performer. It has also made considerable investments in infrastructures, oil and gas, water, and storage tank projects and developments. NEAHCO has an affiliate in Canada too. This entity is active in mining, production, and exporting cement, clinker, gypsum, marble. The latest undertaking of this office is a coal mining project in Kazakhstan, which has been ranked the biggest one in the country's history. Another one of NEAHCO 's affiliates is located in the United Kingdom. The domain of activities of the entity mainly encompasses the construction of dams, roads, bridges, and suchlike. It has performed remarkable projects in Sri Lanka and Turkmenistan too.

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Office 410, Ominvest Business Center, Muscat Hills, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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