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In the provision of equipment for the electric power industry, NEAHCO has a lot of potentials. Some of the types of equipment are:

•             electric and power plant control systems

•             thermal and hydroelectric power stations

•             thermal and conventional recovery boilers

•             turbo compressors

•             turbine blades

•             gas, steam, and air turbines

•             auxiliary equipment



NEAHCO's outstanding design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities have enabled us to provide high-quality services such as:

  • Project Management
  • Project Finance/Investment
  • Conceptual and Feasibility Studies
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Drilling Technical Services
  • Pre-Commissioning  and Commissioning

NEAHCO strives for client satisfaction by constantly improving its services and products. As a distinctive dynamic firm, this is the cornerstone of our current marketing strategy.



NEAHCO transnational activity is focused on the global trading of refined petroleum products, with an emphasis on small and medium-sized businesses. Our trading operations span Europe, Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Far East.

Aside from professionalism, our team's cultural diversity helps us to make individualized relationships with our partners and better understand the nuances of each transaction.



NEAHCO’s team of experienced energy specialists has designed, built, operated and maintained power plants and energy assets. From energy efficient retrofits to energy management system enhancements and cogeneration systems, our company has a breadth and depth of solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.

Experiences and Abilities

  • Combined cycle power plant construction
  • Engine room and energy distribution network construction
  • Metro power supply system
  • Hydro power plant construction             
  • Engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of oil and gas separator plants
  • Drilling of exploration wells
  • LNG facility construction
  • Drilling operation and technical services
  • Oilfield development project
  • Revamping of crude oil storage tank with double deck floating roof project
  • Refinery facility construction
  • Petrochemical complex construction
  • Construction and erection of soda ash complex
  • Railway electrification project
  • Metallurgical coke factory construction
  • Lime and dolomite factory construction
  • Steel production factory construction
  • Iron ore pellet factory construction
  • Dam and auxiliary facility construction
  • Construction and erection of pelletizing plants
  • Construction and erection of mega module direct steel smelter plants
  • Hot stripping mill plant construction
  • Construction of melting and casting unit in steel factories

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Office 410, Ominvest Business Center, Muscat Hills, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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