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Given the team's broad technical knowledge and experience, NEAHCO has undertaken maintenance projects like offshore constructions, energy plants, refineries, and so forth in different corners of the world.  The services range from advisory sessions to practical performance of the repairs, renewals, and renovations.

NEAHCO is a leading company in the supply of multiple engineering services in the electric power industry, thanks to its large number of professionals and well-trained human resources.

NEAHCO has the following capabilities:

  • producing and supplying spare parts.
  • providing specialist and training services.
  • Project management for significant and super-heavy overhauls.
  • Project management for optimization, operation, and maintenance.
  • upgrading and strengthening power plants.

In addition, NEAHCO is active at the highest level of preparedness in various professional domains of the electric power industry, including optimization, supplying spare parts and equipment, operation, training, after-sales services, design, and engineering.

Experiences and Abilities

  • Operation and maintenance of Power plant
  • Operation and maintenance of offshore oil and gas
  • Operation and maintenance of LNG plant
  • Power plant repairs from minor to major repairs.
  • Pavement distress repairs on roads and highways, railways, and water tunnels.

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Office 410, Ominvest Business Center, Muscat Hills, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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+968 24518878
+968 92739049

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