• Power And Electricity
  1. Combined Cycle Power Plant Construction
  2. Engine Room And Energy Distribution Network Construction
  3. Metro Power Supply System
  4. Hydro Power Plant Construction
  • Petrochemicals
  1. Petrochemical Complex Construction
  2. Construction And Erection Of Soda Ash Complex
  • Oil And Gas
  1. Engineering, Procurement, Construction, And Commissioning Of Oil And Gas Separator Plants
  2. Drilling Of Exploration Wells
  3. LNG Facility Construction
  4. Drilling Operation And Technical Services
  5. Oilfield Development Project
  6. Revamping Of Crude Oil Storage Tank With Double Deck Floating Roof Project
  7. Refinery Facility Construction
  • Infrastructures
  1. Railway Electrification Project
  2. Metallurgical Coke Factory Construction
  3. Lime And Dolomite Factory Construction
  4. Steel Production Factory Construction
  5. Iron Ore Pellet Factory Construction
  6. Dam And Auxiliary Facility Construction
  7. Construction And Erection Of Pelletizing Plants
  8. Construction And Erection Of Mega Module Direct Steel Smelter Plants
  9. Hot Stripping Mill Plant Construction
  10. Construction Of Melting And Casting Unit In Steel Factories

  1. Bank Building Construction
  2. 50,000seat Stadium Construction
  3. The Parliament Building Construction
  4. Construction And Erection Of Pelletizing Plants
  5. Construction And Erection Of Mega Module Direct Steel Smelter Plants
  6. Construction Of Melting And Casting Unit In Steel Factories
  7. Procurement, Construction, Erection, And Financing Water Transmission Pipelines
  8. Civil And Industrial Buildings And Underground Pipelines For Petrochemical Plants
  9. Construction Of Residential Settlements
  10. Cooling System Of Power Plants
  11. Comprehensive Plan For Recycling And Refinement Of Regional Sanitary Wastewater 
  12. Urban Railway Construction
  13. Refinery Facility Construction
  14. Hot Stripping Mill Plant Construction
  15. Sewerage System Construction
  16. Cement Plant Construction
  17. Drainage And Irrigation Network Construction

  1. Bank Building Design
  2. 50,000seat Stadium Design
  3. The Parliament Building Design
  4. Residential Settlements Design
  5. Eq Thermal Power Plant Design
  6. Beauty World Salon Design
  7. Transportation Terminal Design
  8. Residential Private Building Interior Design
  9. Residential Private Architect Design
  10. Architect Design Of Cultural Center

  1. Electric Control Relay Panel Trading
  2. Graphite Electrode Trading
  3. Natural Rubber Trading
  4. Marbles Trading
  5. Clinker Trading
  6. Gypsum Trading
  7. Iron Ore Fine Trading
  8. Cement Trading
  9. Supply Of Turbo-Compressor Units
  10. Turbine Spare Parts And Components Supply
  11. Heavy Equipment Supply
  12. Supply Of Machineries For Plastic And Steel Factories
  13. Petrochemical Products Supply
  14. Supply Of  Agri- Chemical Products
  15. Building Materials Supply
  16. Supply Of  Steel Products
  17. Stainless Pallets Supply
  18. Architectural Products Supply
  19. Supply  Of Vaseline And Other Cosmetic Products

  1. Wind Power
  2. Hydropower
  3. Geothermal

  1. Coal Mining
  2. Iron Ore Mining
  3. Clinker Mining
  4. Marbles Mining

  1. Operation And Maintenance Of Power Plant
  2. Operation And Maintenance Of Offshore Oil And Gas
  3. Operation And Maintenance Of LNG Plant
  4. Power Plant Repairs From Minor To Major Repairs.
  5. Pavement Distress Repairs On Roads And Highways, Railways, And Water Tunnels.

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