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The organization aims to play an outstanding role in the field of marine transportation of bulk commodities. The shipments will have a broad range, including but not limited to minerals, petrochemical, foodstuff, and so forth. Iron ore, coal, alumina, concentrates, and suchlike are among various mineral cargoes that dry bulk carriers haul. Urea, fertilizers, and sulfur lie on the list of petrochemical dry shipments for bulk carriers to lift. In the category of foodstuff, grains and sugar are primarily heard for being shipped.

The dry bulk market serves various sectors due to the diversity of the products transported. It helps the owners and operators of the bulk carrier fleet find employment for their vessels at different locations across the globe, which contrasts with the oil and gas tanker market.


Having close contact with the oil and gas industry players, the company has also aimed to offer the transportation of the mentioned cargoes by sea. The services given to the performers of the market, including the supplies and technical services, have created a potential for the company to get active in this sector of shipping as well. Firm plans are under study and execution for the development of the oil and gas tanker sector.


NEAHCO offers a comprehensive set of logistics and transportation services for the worldwide shipment of chemical commodities, non-hazardous chemical compounds, aggregated substances, and hazardous materials.

Our knowledgeable staff optimizes existing delivery schemes and creates new logistics solutions adapted to our clients’ demands and the characteristics of their goods. Regardless of the transportation route, NEAHCO will organize the transportation of any goods within given conditions. We are able to offer a flexible pricing policy and Swiss-quality service because of our collaboration with international transportation firms.


Whether you need to lift a heavy cargo or to ship an oversized cargo that won't fit inside a standard container. We provide global breakbulk and out-of-gauge services to provide you with first-class project cargo management.Our professionals provide custom solutions to ensure the cargo is handled safely and securely. Our staff is dedicated to preventing losses and claims, ensuring safe and efficient delivery


NEAHCO provides refrigerated containers for enhanced transportation, whether you're carrying vaccines or veggies. To maintain the cold chain and ensure total safety, fruit, meat, medications, and other frozen or refrigerated goods all require accurate temperature monitoring and expert care.


Our worldwide services include door-to-door transportation, as well as the management and tracking of goods from the point of origin to the point of destination. We employ vehicles, ships, and airplanes to operate on a global scale. We specialize in the delivery of a wide range of shipments as well as the provision of support services for goods handling and distribution.


At NEAHCO, we think that technology has the potential to make shipping safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. As a result, we aim to advance digitalization throughout the industry and developing new tools and technologies to provide the most efficient end-to-end experience for our clients while reducing our environmental footprint.

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  • Oil and gas ships chartering
  • Chemical ships chartering
  • Reefer ships charting

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